As an elite junior gymnast competing at a national and international level, Tyler Harriman found it was impossible to have his schedule work in a traditional school environment. In addition to his competition schedule, for which he travels for a good part of the year, Tyler also needed to be in training from 9:30am to 4:30pm on days when he is not competing. When he and his family learned about the Miami-Dade Online Academy and the flexible and rigorous, program offered online, they knew that they had found a solution that would support Tyler’s current goals as well as prepare him for a successful life after gymnastics.

Tyler’s mother, Sherri Harriman, has been most impressed by the changes she has seen in her son, particularly the growth in his independence and how organized he has become as a result of his participation in the online learning program. Both mother and son recognize that choosing the Miami-Dade Online Academy program could only work with the support of the online teachers, as well as a healthy dose of parental engagement and student dedication.

To learn more, watch this short video and listen as the Harrimans discuss their choice to educate their child through Miami-Dade Online Academy’s program.